Why Choose Business Computers?

HP Business Computer Wagga WaggaMany business owners do not realise the difference between business and retail computer lines.  Most manufacturers offer both, but often the difference is not clearly distinguished.

Retail line computers and laptops are the ones commonly available in large chain retail stores - they are very tempting as they are typically very cheap to buy, and often look quite pretty with different colours and designs available.

Business line computers and laptops are only available through dedicated business resellers.  They tend to be more expensive and don't have the same kind of variety in appearance that retail line computers have.

So why would you buy business line computers if they are more expensive and not as pretty?  Put simply, if you run a business, without your computers your business doesn't run.

Business line computers are work horses.  They are designed for performance and reliability.  Most people aren't aware that component manufacturers grade their products as they come off the factory line, depending on how perfectly they have been produced.  Business line computers use only the highest graded parts, where the lower quality items get sent to the retail lines.  Warranty is also a major difference.  Where business line computers usually have a 3 year onsite warranty (a repairer comes to you), Retail line computers typically have a 12 month, return to base warranty (you have to send your computer away, often overseas, to be repaired and wait for its return).

In short, not only is your business computer less likely to fail, but if it does it will be repaired faster and to a higher standard through the warranty process.